Vocal Studio's Mission Statement:

Students in Spencer's Vocal Studio focus on the following:

  1. Good vocal health - breath control, posture and appropriate vocal placement

  2. Communicating - phrasing, dynamics, lyric interpretation and acting through the song

  3. Singing varied literature - Broadway, Classical and Pop/Rock music are all utilized to create opportunities to work on #1 & #2

  4. Specialized curriculum - Whether you are preparing for your next production, college auditions or to sing at a specific event - students' goals are incredibly important to developing an individualized curriculum


MONTEREY:  TBD location. 

MOUNTAIN VIEW: A private home in downtown Mountain View, easily accessible by 101 and 280. 

Both locations will have access to over 200 Broadway vocal selection books. All sheet music are available for student use and are encouraged to use them.

College & Professional Auditions:

Spencer's Vocal Studio specializes in preparing students for college/university and professional auditions. Students will prepare two pre-1965 song choices and two after-1965 choices, so they have appropriate material for their 16-bar and 32-bar cuts. 

What to Expect:

During the 45-minute lesson, students will have a good 10-15 minute vocal warm-up to work on breath, posture, and technique. After vocal warm-ups, students will work on around three songs of varying levels of difficulty, range and styles. While most of the repertoire is chosen for the students by the teacher, students can choose music they would like to sing.  

What to Bring:

Students should always bring the following to lessons:

  • The student's repertoire binder - this will include all music the student is currently work on, as well as past music they have worked on. After students have been in lessons for months, their "rep book" will be organized and ready for any potential performances or audition opportunities.

  • A small notebook

  • A recording device to record the lesson (an iPhone is sufficient).


  • Students should practice 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week. They should also use cast recordings, Youtube and other references to get familiar with the songs they are working on. If students are working on a Broadway song, they should get familiar with the entire show and understand where the song fits into the plot and why the character is singing it. 

Fees & Payments: 

Mountain View Studio: $100.00 for 45 minute lesson

Payment methods: Cash or VenMo  --  Students can either choose to pay for one lesson at a time, or pay in advance for a month.  

Available Times:

Mountain View Studio

TBD - please email

Teaching Dates

  • April 7th, 2019

  • April 14th, 2019

  • May 12th, 2019

Student Successes:

  • Maya Maniar - Carnegie Mellon University, Musical Theatre - Class of 2015

  • Aurora Real de Asua - Northwestern University, Theatre - Class of 2016

  • Hanna Berggren - Carnegie Mellon University, Musical Theatre - Class of 2017

  • Rodd Farhadi - UCLA, Theatre - Class of 2017

  • Alexis Garrett - Ithaca University, Musical Theatre - Class of 2018

  • Talmage Wise - Columbia University, English and Theatre, Class of 2018

  • Rachel Brenneman - University of Utah, Musical Theatre, minor in Nutrition - Class of 2019

  • Anna Dailey - University of Pennsylvania, Biological Basis of Behavior and Theatre - Class of 2019

  • Leah Hess, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019

  • Chloe Howard - Northwestern University - Class of 2019

  • Caroline Howells - Northwestern University, Theatre - Class 0f 2019

  • Cristina Oeschger - Texas State, Musical Theatre - Class 0f 2019

  • Carson Robinette - UCLA, Theatre - Class 0f 2019

  • Chas Wilken - Berkelee College of Music, Music Production - Class of 2019

  • Matt McCoy - USC, Musical Theatre - Class of 2023

  • Jordan Gold - Montclair University, Musical Theatre, Class of 2023

  • Erica Trautman - Hartt University, Acting, Class of 2023

  • Samantha Noeth Lewis - Northwestern University, Theatre - Class of 2023

  • Braedon Young - Manhattan School of Music, Musical Theatre - Class of 2023



 Aurora Real de Asua - Northwestern University - Class of 2016 - What I value most about Spencer is the specificity of his instruction. Rather than force his students to follow a strict curriculum, Spencer takes the time to tailor his lessons to each individual, bringing in exercises and introducing songs that will help them grow as singers and as performers. Spencer pushed me beyond what I thought I could. Though I have always been singing, I have never considered myself a singer. After about two years with Spencer, not only was my belting range increased by four notes, I felt extremely confident with my vocal ability. Spencer truly wants the best for his students, which is so clearly demonstrated by the dedication and preparation he brings to every single lesson. He establishes a warm and caring atmosphere that makes you want to laugh your head off and pretend like you are Barbara Streisand at the same time. I know that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for all the time (and laughter) spent with Spencer. 

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Talmage Wise - Columbia University, Class of 2018: "Mr. Williams has helped me master techniques to improve my vocal quality and tone, but he has given me so much more confidence in my abilities! And he's not just a vocal coach; he is an amazing resource for information on auditions, resumes, colleges, you name it! With his teaching, my skills have grown exponentially. The difference between before and after recordings is truly night and day."


Photo Credit: Michael Hunter

Photo Credit: Michael Hunter

Hanna Berggren: Carnegie Mellon - Musical Theatre, Class of '17 & Best Actress Winner for the Bay Area High School Musical Theatre Awards - "After only a year with Spencer as my voice teacher, my voice improved, my acting and performing became stronger, and he helped me get into the school of my dreams."